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Why Invest In Multifamily Real Estate?

Better Returns Than the Stock Market

The average stock market return over the last 15 years was just over 7%. But did you know that after fees, taxes and inflation, the actual return was just 2.5%?

On the other hand, real estate syndications routinely yield average annual returns of 13% or more and that’s after fees, is taxed at a much lower rate (if at all), and makes a great hedge against inflation.

Better Performance During the Last Recession

We love the low risk profile of multifamily! Over the past few decades, multifamily properties have been less volatile than the stock market and residential real estate. For example, during the Great Recession, Freddie Mac single family loan delinquencies peaked at 4% while delinquency for multifamily loans hovered around 0.4%. Multifamily delinquency rate…at its peak…was 90% lower than the residential rate in the Great Recession.

Unique Tax Advantages

Real estate offers tax advantages over nearly every other investment including stocks, bonds, businesses, precious metals, and even oil. Our investors are able to benefit from legal tax avoidance and deferment methods encouraged by the Canada tax code, including depreciation, 1031 Exchanges and tax-free cash-out refinances.

You can learn more about the tax advantages of real estate from our good friends at the Bigger Pockets.

Passive Income and Generational Wealth

Investing in multifamily is the best way to create passive income so that you can become financially free. We look for properties with an average cash on cash return of 7%+ over 5 years. That means you’ll get a check in the mailbox every quarter. Make your money work hard for you and continue your journey to financial freedom.

We strive to double your money in five to six years, and frequently the returns are much higher. Investing in multifamily will help you create generational wealth, the kind that lets you retire permanently and pass it on to your children.

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